Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Why Type of Language Learner Are You?

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There are two basic types: 1) risk-takers and 2) play-it-safers.

Risk-takers dare to be bold and devote hours to not only learning, but improving their language skills. From listening to podcasts over the Internet to constant exposure to texts in another language, the risk-taker student plans on conquering the language in a determined and purposeful manner and dedicates the time and resources to accomplish this goal. She or he envisions the day ordering an expensive dinner in a perfect French accent in a quaint village in the Loire Valley or sampling beluga in Russian. She or he seeks out native speakers to test her or his proficiency. When the language professor asks if there are any questions, she or he is attentive and probes deeper into the language with inquiries beyond the immediate scope of the class.

The play-it-safer dutifully attends language class, completes all assignments, and maintains a passable level of the language. Textbook exercises and classwork suffice. However, she or he lacks the discipline to bear down hard and conquer the language. Lack of extra work outside class assignments and general disinterest defeat in the end this type of language learner.

Languages are not acquired overnight. Who among our loyal readers acquired a language by doing the bare minimum necessary?

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