Saturday, January 17, 2009

3 More Tips for Better Spoken English

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In our previous post, we offered three tips for better spoken English, the modern lingua franca. Hey, why not three more for our loyal readers? We want you to learn and improve your English!

Tip #4 Correctness

As boring as the subject may be, using the correct tense and grammatical structures is also extremely important in communicating your message accurately and clearly to your listener. If you are uncertain about using a certain structure then stick to the ones you know and are confident about.

Tip #5 Listening

Although this article is focused on English speaking skills, listening is also very important to building effective communication skills in any language. Listening carefully to what the other person is saying is the other half of the conversation! It really does make a difference and will enable you to get your message across effectively when you do actually speak.

Tip #6 Body Language

As strange as it may seem over 80% of all communication is non-verbal. Look at another's facial expressions or how one sits in a chair. Human beings transmit information silently through their body language. Good eye contact and body language are also important to get your message across effectively, and being able to “listen” to the other persons body language is also important. Having good body language will actually help your spoken message get across better.

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