Friday, January 23, 2009

Time to invest in your English!

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When the economy is down, it's time to kick up your investment in yourself to ensure you have the skills and knowledge to survive.

There has been no better time to learn English than now. Written and oral communication in English is a necessary skill for anyone seeking to distinguish themselves in the job hunt or prepare for a better job.

Communication skills are one of the highest rated qualities employers look for when hiring or promoting staff. In addition, having a good standard of English makes your working life more pleasurable. Of course, social functions are so much better as well!

As the saying goes, practice makes perfect!

Start investing today in yourself and rapidly improve your English skills by hiring your personal English-language coach. Perfect your accent and get an English-language resume!

If you are in Buenos Aires and want English lessons personally designed to fit your needs, please call Professor Winn at 1160 461 342 or send an email to

Anyone interested in English-language services or translations (Sp/Fr/Pt>En) may send an email to for a prompt evaluation.

Buy your English-language texts today!

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