Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Don't Miss this #English #Learning #Seminar in #São Paulo on May 14

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At a English learning seminar in São Paulo this Saturday hosted by Nativo Traduçôes, I have the distinct honor to address a select group of attendees.

Pronounce English Better

I plan to cover the following points on English pronunciation:
  • Phonics - 44 Sounds of English
  • 3 Challenges for Portuguese Speakers
  • Native Pronunciation Tricks
  • Intonation - Music of English
  • Word and Sentence Stress

Participants should take away an immediate  increased ability to not only pronounce English better, but understand spoken English as well.

By understanding how native English speakers communicate (elisions, assimilation, etc), English learners can have a greater awareness to anticipate these linguistic features. 

In turn, a greater degree of fluency is achieved as well improved listening comprehension.

Legal English Primer

My colleague, Nasir Habib, plans to present a Legal English primer:
  • What is Legal English?
  • Legal Idioms
  • Colors of Law
  • Word Play
  • Reading
Any lawyer or law student seeking an introduction or deeper understanding of Legal English should attend. Nasir is a Legal English specialist and always provides a lively presentation.

Together, we plan interactive and dynamic talks where participants are involved directly! Just like class, exercises are planned to serve up a "hands on" seminar.


So, come join us to improve your English learning in São Paulo this Saturday, May 14! Let me know if you saw my blog post, too!

Please visit the seminar website for more information and to register today!

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