Tuesday, January 15, 2008

About Mr English 101

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Welcome to Mr. English 101 - a blog helping you understand and appreciate the English language!

Into the Virtual English Classroom

My name is Winn Trivette II - the Ace Translator and English professor as well! Languages are my passion and I share the love of my native language everyday to students, mis amigos here in Buenos Aires, and of course with you, my loyal reader through posts to Mr. English 101 and accompanying blog, English in Buenos Aires or my blog dedication to translation.

I am a US expat living in Buenos Aires who teaches English and does freelance translations to afford a comfortable life in Argentina's sprawling capital city.

Learning is no longer confined to the stuffy classroom with a teacher before the class lecturing on the value of the subject material and imploring you to learn or else.

Language learning is booming after the explosion of the World Wide Web in the 1990s allowing one to listen to radio broadcasts (like RFI for French) and podcasts in Portuguese, watch live(!) television (like RCN from Colombia) or read Prime Minister Putin's local Moscow paper in English.

Why Mr. English 101?

The site is dedicated to you - the student of English and even we native speakers are all students of English at sometime. The learning never stops. Mr. English 101 is important to you for the following 4 reasons:

1. Influence of English

The flexibility of the English language and the heavy influence of popular culture require constant monitoring of trends in the language. Also, the influence of English on other languages grows each day. We explore these phenomena in our commentary on the English language in posts to Mr. English 101.

2. Importance of English in today's world

Communicating in English is a certain route to a better living and cultural enrichment on an unparalleled scale. International commerce, media and entertainment, science and technology, and diplomacy are conducted on a global basis in English as a common medium between interested parties. English is the modern lingua franca and for that alone the importance of learning the language is paramount.

Mr. English101 is fluent in Spanish and encourages the learning of another language for cultural enjoyment alone.

3. Learning English

Mr. English101 covers English grammar, writing, proofreading, and even resume writing. Business English is a favorite topic given its role as described above.

4. Learning how to use English

Mr. English 101 provides helpful tips on how to use English in the four disciplines of speaking, reading, writing, and listening. The hope is that our information aids in learning the language in the smallest amount of time possible.

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