Thursday, January 15, 2009

3 Tips for Better Spoken English

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The mostly commonly used language in the world today is English, the modern lingua franca. It is used as the language of commerce, entertainment, diplomacy, and for social interaction between multi-national friends in every corner of the globe. The ability to speak clearly in English is an essential skill for good communication.

Tip #1 Accent

Many people think having a “proper British accent” or being able to “speak the Queen’s English” (Received Pronunciation) is important. In fact, there are many different accents from different countries whose populations speak English as their native language. Within each country there are regional accents, such as a Yorkshire accent or a Birmingham accent. All are correct! Of course, some accents are easier to understand for non-native speakers than others.

Tip #2 Pronunciation

Being able to pronounce a word correctly is perhaps the most important of all the skills needed. Understanding new vocabulary whilst reading is one thing but being able to reuse this word in your own speech is another. Although an understand of the International Phonetic Alphabet is useful, the best way to learn correct pronunciation is with a native English tutor who can give instant feedback on your errors.

Tip #3 Confidence and Fluency

Being able to speak fluently and confidently comes with both practice and the knowledge that you are pronouncing words correctly. It also helps to be able to think in English and not to translate what you want to say from your native language. Translating often brings with it numerous grammatical errors.

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