Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Hire an English Coach for Your Project

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Sports coaches guide a team to victory on the playing field. English coaches lead you to championships in the business field.

English coaching perfects your oral presentation: advising how to give a speech, instructions/directions, or criticism/praise in the Anglo culture. Developing an awareness of rhythm, pacing, and emphasis is essential to swaying your intended audience and achieve the success you seek.

English coaching also improves intercultural communication skills: enhancing awareness of human differences and similarities in order to move from ethnocentricity to a global outlook. Before your next business trip to the United States or hosting US colleagues from the parent company, hire an English coach to pave the way for a smoother business meeeting.

English coaching, an essential English-language service, can also include advice about any specialized topics as needed.

If you are in Buenos Aires and need English coaching personally designed to fit your needs, please call Professor Winn at 1160 461 342 or send an email to to score the success you deserve.

Anyone interested in translations or other English-language services may send an email to for a prompt evaluation.

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