Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Animating Business English Learning Pt 2

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Traditional staid approaches solely using textbooks, for example, to teaching Business English bore students and do not produce the communicative skills necessary to function in real-life situations.

Therefore, scenario-based Business English training is gaining critical mass. Professor Winn believes the most practical usage of the language serves the student and provides the preparation for the real work world.

There is a growing consensus among language teaching community that, compared to the classical approach of learning emphasizing vocabulary and formal grammar rules better learning outcomes can be achieved by using approaches that enhance opportunities for students to engage with real-life situations and tasks.

Scenario-based learning may be defined as learning that occurs in a context, situation, or social framework. Practical use of the English language is the ultimate aim focusing on the importance of contextualizing learning activity in real life scenarios and contexts.

In scenario-based learning, learners participate in a fictional context-based meaningful
authentic learning environment and collaborate with other participants in completing activities structured into scenarios reproducing real-world situations. Decisions made by the learners affect the outcomes of the scenarios.

The benefits of scenario-based learning and its successful uses in language teaching are well documented. Scenarios are selected to reflect common and/or particularly important situations that are likely to occur in the actual language use.

Scenarios and case studies are a common way to structure business-related knowledge.

Therefore scenario-based learning is particularly suitable for an authentic, immersive learning
environment. In such an environment, linguistic knowledge can be acquired directly as tacit knowledge, without formalizing it as grammar rules or vocabulary lists.

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