Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Hire a Native English Proofreader!

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Your English communications are too important left to non-native speakers.
  • Do you have a publishing deadline?
  • An important document for publication?
  • An academic thesis?
  • A business proposal?
  • A critical business presentation?
  • An important client report?
  • An impossible copywriting deadline?
Hire your personal English coach today to improve your written English communications! Your personal English coach checks and corrects your brochures, business plans, business reports, manuals, marketing, customer letters, sales letters, advertising copy, press releases, business presentations, cover letter, resumes and cv's, academic papers, thesis, research papers, and academic essays for accuracy and proper grammar.

Your business, academic or personal success depends on effective English communication. Get it right the first time.

If you are in Buenos Aires and want English lessons personally designed to fit your needs, please call Professor Winn at 1160 461 342 or send an email to mrenglish101@gmail.com.

Anyone interested in English-language services or translations (Sp/Fr/Pt>En) may send an email to mrenglish101@gmail.com for a prompt evaluation.

Buy your English-language texts today!

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