Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Find the ''Write'' Word

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As the old saw goes for writing: show--do not tell.

Avoid Abstract Diction
Abstract diction is the ''tell'' part of your writing. How banal.
Show your reader specifically what you mean by giving concrete examples of abstracts like hate, love, fear, intelligence, etc.

Ex. The young boy ate a big piece of pizza. (Abstract, boring)
Ex. The pint-size youth munched on a succulent piping-hot pepperoni pizza oozing with pesto sauce.

In other words, give readers something that they can imaginatively see, hear, feel, smell, or taste. Make your writing come alive and appeal to human senses.

"Showing" often involves the use of imagery (as in the delicious pizza being devoured by a youngster.) The audience is drawn in and expected to participate in the experience.

While there are times when reporting (telling) the reader facts or what is occurring, showing is much more effective (and affective).

Good writers use both styles throughout their compositions. It is a technique that often separates published authors from those left pining at the keyboard.

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