Thursday, February 3, 2011

Motivating English Learners

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Sometimes students require motivation to learn another language.

Here are a couple of tips that may help teachers.

1. Instill a positive attitude by efficiently managing the class. 
Are you prepared? Does the student have a clear direction of the class? Does the student receive timely and periodic feedback on his or her progress? Your investment (or not) in the class is palpable. Each of these combine to stimulate greater interest in the class. This ''buy-in'' is also great for student retention.

2. Remember, language and culture are tightly intertwined.
As a translator, I can still remember one of profs saying over and over - ''language is culture.'' Therefore, make your language class culturally relevant. Tie in lessons to recent events or popular themes depending on the location. Here in Brazil, the Carnival season always provides an inviting series of classes.

By raising student interest in classes, your teaching will be more effective and the student experience more rewarding.

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