Monday, February 7, 2011

Overcome 3 Myths of Learning Another Language

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Don't let these 3 myths about learning a foreign language discourage you!

Myth #1: It is too difficult to learn a new language.
In the Internet Age, anything is possible! Check out LiveMocha or Transparent websites. Pick your language - for free!

Myth#2: It is too time-consuming to learn a new language. 
Time is money. In short few minutes a day, you may open new doors in your career...or find a new one! Learning a language is an investment. The rewards can be hefty. Download audio files to your mp3 player or iPod and you're set! You learn on-the-go when you want to. Welcome to time-shifting!

Myth#3: It is too expensive to learn a new language. 
Have you considered the cost of not learning a new language? LiveMocha offers free beginner lessons. Transparent gives you a word-a-day free.

*Bonus - Find international radio stations here.

So, are you convinced?
*** If you are in São Paulo and need English lessons, or Elite English Services including translations (Spanish/French/Portuguese to English), please contact Professor Winn by sending an email to for a prompt evaluation. Buy your English-language texts today!

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