Friday, February 11, 2011

Colombia´s Bilingualism Campaign Boosted

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Colombia continues to press ahead with its nationwide campaign for bilingualism - primarily paring its native-Spanish with English.

The campaign received a boost from the US Embassy in the city of Pereira, in the heart of the Andean country's Eje cafatero (Coffee Axis), the geographic region where rich soil and a perfect climate and altitude combine to provide the aromatic ''java'' consumed around the world.


Sesenta niños de 14 instituciones educativas públicas de Pereira recibieron el pasado sábado 29 de enero el certificado que los acredita como beneficiarios del Programa de Micro-becas de inglés Access, una iniciativa de la Embajada de Estados Unidos que le permite a jóvenes entre los 14 y los 18 años con rendimiento académico sobresaliente acceder a cursos intensivos de inglés durante dos años.

translation by mrenglish101:

United States promotes bilingualism in Colombia

Last Saturday (January 29) sixty children from 14 public educational institutions in Pereira received certificates granting them benefits under the micro-grants program, inglés Access. The initiative by the US Embassy allows young people between the ages of 14 and 18 with outstanding academic performance to attend intensive English classes for two years.

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