Sunday, January 30, 2011

Get Results! - Six Steps to Winning Written Communication

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Effective written communications is a secret key to success in business.

Follow these six steps to enhance your writing skills and increase your ROI today!

1. Before you begin to write, define your goal and audience. What do you wish to accomplish? Who will receive your written communication? Your intended recipient influences both word choice and tone of your project.

2. Use attention-grabbing sentences or headers and visuals to hook your reader. You have about 30 seconds to capture the reader. Too much boring text is a complete turnoff. Use vivid prose and pictures to reinforce your point.

3. Regarding content, what is the benefit for the reader? What does she or gain by purchasing your service or product? After a captivating entrée, deliver the sizzle, but not the steak. Solve a problem. Make a situation easier. Be responsive to the potential customer's need or desire. Get an order!

4. Check your spelling, diction, and punctuation. Use a style guide if necessary to add uniformity to your document(s). Nothing detracts more from your effectiveness than misspellings and poor grammar.

5. What is your call to action? Do you want a phone call or an email? Include this information and your website. Ask for the business; you might just get it.

6. Find an objective reader. What is the person's reaction to the document? Are there any errors or omissions? Before printing hundreds of flyers, make sure the document is top notch before going out the door.

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