Thursday, January 6, 2011

#Chavez Needs #English Lessons

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credit: BBC
English is important for world leaders personally despite professional interpreters in earshot to make sure the correct meaning is conveyed given the stakes of an errant word.

Case in point is the grand gathering of global potentates in Brasilia at the inauguration of Brazilian Presidente Dilma Rousseff last Saturday.

Now we have even more details about the awkward tête-a-tête between Venezuelan Presidente Chavez and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Venezuela and the US are at odds over a range of issues in Latin America.

Chavez to Hillary: ''How are you wife?'' according to the Spanish daily El Mundo.
Hillary (laughing): ''Ah, husband, husband.''

Chavez admitted he was mistaken because he speaks English poorly.

In the photos of the encounter, interpreters did not seem to be present. It would be curious to know how well Mrs. Clinton speaks Spanish.

Sidebar: Brazilian financial magazine Exame says Presidente Rousseff spoke in both Portuguese and English with Hillary; an interpreter was present in those conversations.

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