Sunday, July 18, 2010

Don´t Ever Pay an EFL Recruiter

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I first laughed and second decided to write this post to warn  budding teachers of English as a foreign langauge (TEFL) to be aware.

A "recruiting and placement firm" for teaching English in Chile at wants US$50 application fee and US$1,295 "placement fee" later.

Save your money for the flight to Santiago, research English language schools in Google, and hit the pavement with resume in hand and enough cash for a month to survive until the first paycheck is in hand.

Speaking Spanish is a plus and very helpful for private teaching.

In over two years teaching English in Latin America, I cannot think of any reason to pay a recruiter to find a position in the field.

Never would I consider paying over US$2,000 to a recruiter and neither should you in my humble opinion.

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