Tuesday, July 13, 2010

3 More World Cup Champ Lessons for Language Learners

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While Spain still savors its World Cup Championship over The Holland Orange till the next meet in Brazil in 2014, there are three more lessons for language learners from the big game.

1. Teamwork - As the video clip of Iniesta´s winning goal demonstrates, team play is a winner in most endeavors. Language learners may often feel isolated in their quest to acquire a new language.

However, when the learner engages in a community of learners, easily by Internet chat, email, LiveMocha, video, and various social networks like Facebook and Twitter, the isolation fades. Like Iniesta´s teammates who set up his goal, students develop their own personal learning network which makes language learning fun and more enriching.

2. Ball Control - In its wins, Spain dominated control of the soccer ball and thus controlled the pace and tempo of the game. So language learners must do the same!

The student is in control of his or her language destiny. If a class level is not adequate (or an instructor), the student needs to ask for a change. Students can negotiate with his or her teacher the content of a private class, a bonus for both student and instructor. Teachers should encourage autonomous learning among students because the entire language learning process ideally centers around the pupil, not the school or instructor.

3. Discipline -The Spanish team was very disciplined and the breakdown by Holland resulted in an ousted player and resulted in a goal for Spain. So language learners must be disciplined in their studies. The time invested in their studies, classes, and homework will pay off in the long run!

In sum...
Sports can teach a lot about life. A triumph over obstacles is possible with a good game plan and the ability and skills to execute it. The same goes for language learners. Here´s to you scoring your language goals!
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