Sunday, July 18, 2010

Academic debate? American English is already widely adopted

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London-based The Economist magazine hosted a debate online last week - Should the English-speaking world adopt American English?

Mr. Michael Agnes, editor in chief of Webster´s New World Dictionaries argued for the proposition and the author of Globish, Robert McCrum argued against.

In an overwhelming vote, 70% of participants opted for Mr. McCrum´s position in rejecting the proposition.

While the debate is amusing, the reality is that American English is more sought after by those seeking to learn English given the influence of US popular culture and economic power in the world.

It is the future of the language that concerns some, as Mr. Graddol examines in his seminal exploration of the issue.

The language is passing beyond the grasp of native speakers and it will be non-native speakers who control English's destiny.

Perhaps that will be a subject for meaningful debate in the near future.

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