Tuesday, March 24, 2009

English Grammar Point: Gerunds follow certain verbs

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We sometimes use one verb after another verb. Often the second verb is in the infinitive form.


  • I want to sleep.

But sometimes the second verb must be in gerund form, for example:

  • I like sleeping.

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This depends on the first verb. Here is a list of verbs that are usually followed by a verb in gerund form:

  • admit, appreciate, avoid, carry on, consider, defer, delay, deny, detest, dislike, endure, enjoy, escape, excuse, face, feel like, finish, forgive, give up, can't help, imagine, involve, leave off, mention, mind, miss, postpone, practice, put off, report, resent, risk, can't stand, suggest, take, understand


  • She is considering taking a vacation.
  • Do you feel like going out?
  • I can't help falling in love with her.
  • I can't stand not seeing him.
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