Sunday, May 3, 2009

Improve Your Writing Skills

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Unfortunately, writing suffers in foreign language instruction.

The focus is on oral communication and its compliment, reading comprehension.

Here are some practical writing tips:

1) Practice makes perfect: Write, write, write! Writing is learning by doing.

2) Variety: Write different types of texts: reports, emails, blog posts, or an interesting short story. Different techniques and strategies apply to the type of text involved.

3) Read: Yes, reading is essential in writing better. Learn from other authors about style, phrasing, effective word order, and how to say the most in the least words (brevity is the soul of wit says Shakespeare).

4) Overcome fear: Express your ideas clearly and succinctly. Find your writing voice. Have confidence in your writing.

5) Focus on your weakness: Do you have problems with the opening sentence to capture attention? Is it difficult to organize your thoughts?

Hire your own English-language coach to grade your writing and give you the boost you need to kick up your writing prowess a notch or two!

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Anyone interested in English-language services or translations (Sp/Fr/Pt>En) may send an email to for a prompt evaluation.

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