Tuesday, February 16, 2010

CELTA Quest, Part II

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I have already had my first CELTA certification class. I just posted my first lesson plan because I teach on Friday morning.

I have been teaching for two years. Quick class notes for planning and of course a class diary to chart the student´s progress sufficed. Each EFL (English Foreign Language) teacher usually adopts their own approach sooner or later. If working for a language school, their methodology prevails, but sometimes you still need your now creativity and wits to survive.

This Friday I am team teaching with a great group of fellow CELTAs. There are five sections. The absent member of our group is heading up the first section, but we still do not know who it is. Lucky me, I have the second lesson. It involves food for fuel (energy) and food for pleasure (eating what makes us happy).

After absorbing chapters of theory from two recommended texts on teaching languages combined with my own personal approach honed through the years, I banged out a lesson plan to cover my allotted 20 minutes.

I enjoy word association games and thus I lead off with a Spider Diagram and see how many words the students can name for energy and pleasure foods. Then there is a matching exercise of responses to personal interviews with two ladies, one from the US and the other from France.

I am also a fan of pair work. It is a solid organizational approach to involving students in the lesson and to avoid the dominant student from taking over the class.

And added twist? I do not know this group of students and likewise them of me. So, it is like the first day of class!

I will let you know how it goes.
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