Monday, February 15, 2010

CELTA Quest, Part I

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 Dear Loyal Reader,

Yes, I have been away from the blogging on English and doing more teaching in the past month. My apologies!

I have embarked on one of my New Year resolutions - to get a CELTA certification for both personal and professional reasons.

As you may know, CELTA stands for Certificate in English Language Training for Adults, a world renown certification standard from the prestigious Cambridge University in the United Kingdom.

In the world of teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL), there are competing certifications like TEFL and intense debate over which is better.

While opinion is divided, I perused what future potential employers want in light of the prestige of the degree. Given Asia and Europe are more "credentialized," it actually was an easy choice - CELTA.

In Latin America, my experience has been a certification is not essential if you are college-educated and are a native speaker English speaker with previous teaching experience.

Beyond the professional prospects, obtaining the CELTA will mark a personal triumph given the intellectual rigor and grit needed to pass the course. Lifelong learning is the key to enjoying the bounty life offers. You must not stop growing, but pushing forward by setting and achieving goals.

You are invited to stay tuned for dispatches from my experience during the course and of course, more helpful hints to perfect your English. Naturally, your comments or suggestions are welcomed!
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