Tuesday, December 16, 2008


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Welcome to Mr. English 101!

If you are fascinated by the English language or just curious about the impact of the modern lingua franca on social, political, and economic affairs around the world, you have stumbled upon the right blog for YOU!

I am Professor Winn, an English instructor and certified translator (Spanish/French/Portuguese to English) currently living in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Teaching English as Foreign Language (EFL) is both rewarding and challenging at the same time.

I created Mr. English 101 to demonstrate how my native language interacts with our global society. The demand for English instruction is the highest among second languages. From arts to commerce to diplomacy, English dominates communication in our multipolar world.

My point is not English-language chauvinism. I am fluent in Spanish and read French and Portuguese at a very high level (thus I can translate from them into my native language, as a professional translator should). My respect for other languages and cultures is deep and genuine.

However, the English language at this current time has a greater impact in everyday life. Mr. English 101 demonstrates this fact via reports throughout the week drawing from headlines around the world in English, Spanish, French, and Portuguese about how the English language is impacting our global society.

As an added bonus, English lessons are included in the mix for those who are learning English and want to learn more or native speakers who want to improve their own language skills.

So, sign up to follow this blog or subscribe today so you will not miss any of my exciting posts as together we go forward in the discovery of just how important the English langauge is today.

If you are in Buenos Aires and want English lessons personally designed to fit your needs, please call Professor Winn at 1160 461 342 or send an email to mrenglish101@gmail.com.

Anyone interested in translations from Spanish, French, or Portuguese to English may send an email to mrenglish101@gmail.com for a prompt evaluation.

Thank you, my loyal readers, for your support and stay tuned for our exciting excursion ahead!

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