Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Webster Word of the Year: Overshare

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Is there a better way to inaugurate our Word of the Day feature than refer to Webster's?

Sure there are several sites you can consult for a word-of-the-day, but Mr English 101 gives you more. Along with our daily pick of our Word of the Day, you receive our daily English news article and our articles providing insight into the English language.

Overshare - v. - to divulge excessive personal information, as in a blog or broadcast interview, prompting reactions ranging from alarmed discomfort to approval.

It beat out competition from leisure sickness, cyberchondriac, selective ignorance and youthanasia.

Now, our inaugural Word of the Day: slyboots: a sly or tricky person.
Example: Would you buy a used car from a slyboots?

Vocabulary, as noted in our previous post, is essential to learning any language. English, as a vacuum cleaner absorbing words from other languages and constantly evolving from its Latin and Greek roots, still has a reserve for its own original words.

Slyboots dates from the 1700's. Of course, sly means cunning or deceiving. The Word Detective fills in the interesting part about boots (a "fellow") thus a "sly fellow" or slyboots.
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