Thursday, December 2, 2010

Take 6 Minutes for Learning English

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The BBC offers an important series called ''6 Minute English.''

As an American English native, I have no problem using British English for listening exercises in the classroom.

It is important to expose students to as many accents as possible to sharpen their listening comprehension skills.

The ''6 Minute English'' series is spot-on, as the British would say. A cultural or newsy topic is presented in a conversation between two hosts of the podcast. A trivia question hooks listeners to the end of the broadcast and several vocabulary words are introduced and easily explained.

Teachers can create their own comprehension questions to quiz students.

Students can download the mp3 to listen on their favorite player. If you get stuck, you can also download a transcript of the podcast!

Audio comprehension builds confidence in learners to use the language correctly.

Take 6 minutes for learning English today!
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