Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Bring the Bard into your English class today!

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Using Shakespeare in EFL Class
While sometimes controversial for whatever reason, even his detractors must concede the Bard on both the English language and literature.

If one can understand the literature of a second language, one can derive a deeper understanding of that language.

Even for some English speakers, William Shakespeare may be a challenge. As an EFL instructor, you have a choice among tragedies, comedies, and histories. His sonnets may be a tougher assignment.

Julius Cesar's Assassination
Julius Cesar is one of my favorite tragic-histories of the Bard.

One the more memorable scenes is the assassination of Cesar on the Ides of March in the Roman Senate (Act III, Scene I).

So, here is a suggestion. Take a popular scene. If there is video, all the better. Have students take turns reading the parts - all the better with passion of a Shakespearean actor if possible. Then play the video for students to follow the scene if necessary with the texts they just read.

For the assassination scene in Julius Cesar, enotes.com and youtube.com are handy. Enotes has a split-page showing the original text and the ''modern interpretation.'' Youtube has this scene as a short video.

You have all the elements for introducing students gently to the Bard in the classroom!

Have you used Shakespeare in your class already? Do you have more suggestions or tips?

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