Monday, November 23, 2009

MACAU DAILY TIMES - UM improves English through fun

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MACAU DAILY TIMES - UM improves English through fun

The English teachers at UM are spot on!

Just look at this quote:

“To significantly improve in a language you need an immersion experience´´

You can do all of the grammar lessons assigned. You can conjugate all of the verbs correctly standing in front of the mirror while brushing your teeth.

However, it only counts, well mostly, when you can hold a conversation with a native speaker - to understand and to be understood.

The focus on fun is another winning approach. I often use games in my English classes, especially with groups. Fun and learning are not mutually exclusive!

One curious observation in the article regards the popularity of English in the former Portuguese colony now integrated into China. Chinese is still stronger while English takes a backseat, a trend different from the rest of the country.
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